Rebels in action


We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making.

We are a Local Group within Extinction Rebellion (XR). What holds us together as a movement are the principles and values to which we adhere and the demands that we make. Whoever you are, this is your movement if these principles resonate with what you care about. We act autonomously within the global movement to rebel and bring about change in our government’s inconsistent, ineffective and reluctant response to the climate and ecological emergency.

The coronavirus pandemic is a personal tragedy for many of us who have lost friends and loved ones. It is also a watershed for society. Our lives and that of future generations will be determined by the manner in which we and our governments reconstruct our economic systems as we come out of lock-down. If we do not properly address the climate and ecological emergency as we re-build our economies it will be too late to do so later. We need your help in striving to ensure that our society and government seize this opportunity. Please Join Us.

Some background

People from Totnes and Area were involved in Extinction Rebellion from the outset. You can fairly say that for many, Extinction Rebellion was something that they had been hoping and waiting for. The local group has, for a rural area of the UK, a large membership with about 100 people attending local meetings on a regular basis (pre CV) and large numbers participating in national actions.

Where we are just now

Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic face to face meetings have stopped. However, working groups, affinity groups and the group as a whole continue to gather using videoconferencing (currently Zoom). The group ‘big meetups’ take place fortnightly and are publicised in the Local Newsletter and the Local Facebook Group.

Lots of information about Extinction Rebellion’s origins, vision, strategy and organisational structure are to be found on

Nearer to home Extinction Rebellion South West has information on other local groups and actions across the South West of England.