Extinction Rebellion – Totnes & Area Newsletter #46

Love in time of Corona

We are living in extraordinary, unprecedented times. We all knew that even before the virus hit. We are still in the early days of this pandemic and we don’t know exactly how bad it will be nor what will come of it so we must use the time given to us first and foremost to rest, take care of ourselves and our loved ones, regenerate and prepare for the times ahead. We will emerge from this into a different world and we must be ready, willing and able to take advantage of the space created. So take advantage of the many resources offered by XR locally, regionally and nationally to take good care of yourself and each other and to offer help where help is needed. XR has already laid the foundations for an emergent culture of mutual care, respect and love. Now more than ever we need to build on them. See Dates and Resources and Regen below for more on this and try to make the Zoom Big Meet Up! Tuesday. Limit of 100 people. Recordings available later but please try to participate!

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Big Online Meet up Tuesday 31st March 2020 6.30 – 8.45 
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This meeting will include
An online Milling where we will break into small groups to meet, connect and listen to each other as we share our experiences thoughts and feelings about these times

A discussion in small groups about how and when to message and communicate about the Climate and Ecological Emergency in the context of Covid 19. 
We will be drawing on insights and advice from Communications strategists from environmental organisations across the sphere for this discussion

Topline Advice

  • analysis of chinese media shows us that as growth of new cases slows, there will be space for broader narratives. but that time has not come yet.
  • avoid celebrating decline in emissions and “dancing on grave” of people’s lost lives/livelihoods
  • be humble and acknowledge virus deserves all attention it gets
  • don’t over-hype links between covid and climate. this is likely to backfire in the future
  • anticipate emerging risks and opportunities, and get messaging timing right
  •  there is an incredible amount of energy from every corner of the environmental sphere to make something good come from this terrible crisis. its incumbent on all of us to be proactive in collaborating, coalescing efforts, and amplifying a shared message. we’re stronger together

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