SHDC Climate Action Plan

Totnes and District XR Politics Strategy Group have produced a South Hams Climate Action Plan, attached, in response to the SHDC appeal for responses to their draft Action Plan consultation. .The SHDC “Plan “ which is actually just a wish list of proposed measures, unstructured in terms of prioritising or in terms of carbon saving and cost effectiveness or timelines .Our XR Climate Action Plan however attempts to achieve a coherent pathway towards zero carbon which we hope will inform the development of the Council’s Plan into a practical strategy. This Plan has been sent to all SHDC Councillors as an alternative to the SHDC Plan where that is seen to be lacking.

Our intention is that it could provide a potential template for XR groups in other areas. Most importantly it is hoped that this draft Plan by demonstrating a way forward may enthuse our Community to the extent of them wishing to actively lobby in support of these proposals? Please read our Climate Action Plan and give your views!

South Hams Extinction Rebellion Alliance response to SHDC’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Action Plan

Send your responses and feedback to: