Extinction Rebellion – Totnes & Area Newsletter #47


As we go longer into lockdown we are seeing the emergence of discussions on what these times mean for us and the XR movement. There was a fascinating XR hosted question and answer session with scientists about covid19 and links to the Climate and Ecological Emergency (still available on the XR T&A Fb page here) and there have been discussions on “how our societies can flip from corona virus to climate safety in the next few years” between George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas and Faiza Shaheen on The Flip, a thoughtful piece from Rupert Read hereand many more recent zoom meetings and trainings. (See Dates and Resources for link to more).

We are still in the early days of this pandemic and we don’t know exactly how bad it will be nor what will come of it so we must use the time given to us first and foremost to rest, take care of ourselves and our loved ones, regenerate and prepare for the times ahead. We will emerge from this into a different world and we must be ready, willing and able to take advantage of the space created.
And there is still space for online actions and occasionally direct actions. See Larch’s video from the tree top camp on the HS2 protest here and from the petitions and virtual actions block below! Sadly the HS2 protest camp has now been removed and the high court battle lost! 
Do also take advantage of the many resources offered by XR locally, regionally and nationally to take good care of yourself and each other and to offer help where help is needed. XR has already laid the foundations for an emergent culture of mutual care, respect and love. Now more than ever we need to build on them. See Dates and Resources and Regen below for more on this and come to the Zoom Big Meet Up! Tuesday. Limit of 100 people. Recordings available later!

We recognise most of you will be socially isolated and want to keep up with the local XR community. We know of several people from XR T&A who have been or still are in self isolation due to cv19 symptoms and one said this, “be as gentle as possible with yourself NOW so you meet the virus as strong as possible! Please do less, exert yourself less, nourish yourselves especially well”.

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