Extinction Rebellion – Totnes & Area Newsletter #49

Next Tuesday’s Big Online Meet Up (12th May 6.30 – 8.45) will focus on: Inclusivity and Diversity in XR 

While we are in lockdown let’s take the opportunity to reflect on how we organize and grow to be a truly inclusive movement, both locally and nationally. The Diversity Group will facilitate a discussion at the meeting on Tuesday 12th May.

  • What things make us feel included  – or excluded?
  • Have there been instances where XR could have been more inclusive? How can we improve?
  • How do we grow a movement that values diversity and provides a voice for everyone?
  • Come and share your ideas and experience.

We’re streamlining our Communication Channels to get information to your more quickly.

Information about actions and new initiatives is sometimes late getting to you because it currently goes through up to 4 people to eventually reach Affinity Groups and/ or Working Groups.

Your best way of getting information hot off the press, is to join the new platforms – see details below – and to get onto our Totnes & Area Telegram Broadcast Channel for urgent updates.  You can load up Telegram app from your app store if you don’t have it then Click here to join. This may not work on some browsers so if it doesn’t try another..

If you’re not planning to be on the new platforms or Telegram, but you want to receive information, please contact your AG or WG coordinator to work out they can make sure you’re in the communication loop.

If you’re not in a WG or AG, you can contact Helen totnesandareanchor@protonmail.com) and we can arrange to have a chat about how to make sure you get the information you want.

To get onto the new communication platforms – that’s UK Forums for working groups and Mattermost for chat – contact our local tech champion, Jonathan,(jahenderson777@gmail.com) who can send you an invite and help you through the process. There are also workshops on Reset TV https://www.resettv.co.uk/ to help you to get started.

By the way, Reset TV now has a really good website which enables you to see exactly what’s happening day by day – it’s much more user friendly and well worth checking out for lots of talks and workshops. https://www.resettv.co.uk/

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