XRTA Imminent Action Brief Interim Newsletter #3

This message is about an action on the streets this weekend Sat and Sun 16th and 17th May and ongoing online action in lockdown.

It brings together actions going on now or happening soon, with info on how to join in. It also aims to bring together all of us who are, or want to be, involved – to give us some of the support and motivation that pre-lockdown we were getting from each other face-to-face.

The quantity of emails and details of different campaigns can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Below you will find basic descriptions of current actions, and what to do next if you are interested. It will be great to bring together rebels, who may be scattered across different Affinity Groups, to form pop-up action groups. Or feel free to operate solo… Let’s see what we can do!

If you do want to join up with others, please contact Bob Grose at this email address saying which actions you are interested in. And if going solo, let Bob know what you’re up to – it’s really encouraging for other people to hear about all our activity. And everyone can tell their friends and family – word of mouth, Facebook, Instagram, whatever – it all helps to get our messages out there.

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