About us

We are a Local Group within Extinction Rebellion (XR). What holds us together as a movement are the principles and values to which we adhere and the demands that we make. We act autonomously within the movement to bring about change in our government’s inconsistent, ineffective and reluctant response to the climate and ecological emergency.

People from Totnes and Area were involved in Extinction Rebellion from the outset. You can fairly say that for many people here Extinction Rebellion was something that they had been hoping and waiting for. The local branch has, for a rural area of the UK, a large membership with about 100 people attending local meetings on a regular basis (pre CV) and large numbers participating in national actions.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic face to face meetings have stopped. However, working groups, affinity groups and the branch as a whole continue to gather using videoconferencing (currently Zoom). The branch ‘big meetups’ take place fortnightly and are publicised on the Events web page. If you are interested in getting involved with a working group please email the relevant contact for meeting details (see Contacts)

Lots of information about Extinction Rebellion’s origins, vision, strategy and organisational structure are to be found at Extinction Rebellion UK – About Us.