Using Zoom

Zoom is the technology that most XR online meetings use. If you need help setting up and using Zoom this guide will help.

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Regeneration & Support

Alone Together

The Alone Together handbook has been created to offer support in building resilience to the crises, staying connected with each other, and empower you in offering support to others. Over time, the initiatives listed here will develop, and as capacity grows, working with others the plan is to roll them out ever-wider.

In this moment Regenerative Cultures around the world are connecting, creating resilience, collaboration, health and solidarity. Now, more than ever, we need those things. Each of us has a vital role in creating a regenerative response to coronavirus. This handbook covers

Self care in isolation – 1:2:1 Support – Staying Connected – Mutual Aid – Community Democracy – Join the conversation – More resources

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Alone Together TV

#AloneTogether TV is a programme of online workshops, seminars, trainings, listening circles, and more.

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