Working Groups

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes in XR. Working Groups make it all happen. All groups share the same goal of supporting rebels to build a powerful movement.

Explore our working groups to see how you can get involved.


Actions can take many forms, from creative displays to rebelling on the streets. Our Action Working Group works on the ideas and logistics behind the scenes. We’re looking for all kinds of different people to join the group and help us plan ahead.

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Communities & Outreach

We build communities within XR Totnes as well as reaching out to local communities to work alongside other groups.

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The Hosting Working Group is all about making meetings happen. Where do they take place? How? What goes on in them? Hosting gets all this sorted. We’re always looking for more hosts, and people to run workshops and give talks in meetings.

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We make visually striking and inspiring stuff to support our actions and to decorate our streets.
The Makers working group communicates XR’s identity and articulates our messaging through banners, flags, block printing, street painting and much more. If you’re a muralist, street artist or graphic designer – or someone who loves to join in being creative, we’d love to hear from you.

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Media & Messaging

We work on what we’re saying as XR Totnes, who to, where, why and how. We look after social media, newsletter, website and relationships with local press. There’s always more to do, so if you have flair for communications, we have a space for you!

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We focus on building working relationships and influencing our local authorities. We’re always looking for people with time, energy and organisational skills, as well as those with political insight.

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Regenerative Culture

We encourage a restorative, sustainable and inclusive culture within ourselves, XR and the wider community to enable all life on Earth to thrive. During actions, we continue to collaborate with all strands of XR and volunteers in the wider community to create support for rebels on the frontline, also through keeping their home hearths tended and ongoing support when they return. We always welcome more members to the group – no specific skills or experience required.

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Social Justice

We are committed to ensuring that social justice is at the core of our movement, recognising that our success depends upon people of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, faiths and classes coming together. Join us if you are interested in making XR more open and welcoming for all!

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