Action Working Group

Why We Exist

Non-violent civil disobedient actions are the things we do in XR to make us visible and share our message. Actions can take many forms, from rebelling on the streets and occupying spaces, to creative demonstrations, marches or replacing corporate advertising with street art. Our Actions Working Group works on the ideas, logistics and organisation behind making them happen and supports local affinity groups to turn their ideas into action.

What We Do

To date, in 2020, the Totnes & Area Action Working Group have been involved in planning and supporting local actions to persuade South Hams and Teignbridge Councils to reject planning applications for new gas fired power stations and co-ordinating the local contributions to national campaigns…… Stop HS2, #NOGOINGBACK……

Who We Need

We’re looking for all kinds of different people to join the Working Group and help us plan ahead. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm for the cause! Whether you’re full of bright ideas for how to improve our actions, or you’re super organised, we’ll find a place for you in the group.

If you would like to help contact the Action Working Group via email at