Diversity Working Group

Why we exist

We are all about creating a diverse and inclusive movement, recognising that our success depends upon people of all ages, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, faiths and classes coming together. We know that entrenched power structures, in various ways, can get in the way of marginalised people taking part and being heard. We understand that undoing oppressive systems needs us to listen to, learn from, and advocate alongside people whose voices have in the past been silenced and ignored.. We know that we all, as people who who have grown up in cultures where some people are seen as mattering more than others, also have our own personal work to do in challenging our own internalised prejudices and privileges, and helping each other to do the same.

What we do

We look at Totnes XR’s groups, systems and practices and whether they need to be changed to more actively include people with diverse needs and backgrounds. For example how do we make meetings more accessible for people with hearing impairments? How do we ensure that our actions do not harm or alienate working class people? Can we do more to make sure that people of colour feel welcomed and that their voices will be heard? We look at these issues and where possible will produce guidelines and resources that can be used across our XR community. We also look at where bridges might need building between communities and where there may be opportunities for working together with other like-minded movements.

Who we need

We welcome anyone who is interested in these questions, no matter what your knowledge or experience is of looking at such things before.

Get involved

Email: becca.j.wintle@gmail.com

Where and when we meet

Every 2 weeks, alternating between Mondays and Tuesdays, 7-9pm
Online via zoom. Email for more details.