Join Us

There are a hundred different ways you can be involved in creating and organising in Extinction Rebellion. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone.

If you want to get involved in XR through your local group here is what you can do.

Sign up for the XR Totnes & Local Area Newsletter and keep up to date with what is going on locally. The newsletter is normally issued fortnightly. Send an email to  to let us know you are interested and we will welcome you.

If you use Social Media you can join the XR Totnes & Area Facebook group.

Attend a Local Group meeting and join in. Details are announced in the Newsletter and on the Facebook group.

Read about the working groups that make most things happen in the local group. You can make direct contact with working groups and discuss how you can join in.

Sign Up for News with Extinction Rebellion UK where you will also find lots of information on national XR resources, news and events.

Sign up for the Rebellion Academy UK, do some online courses, investigate what sort of Rebel you might be, learn about how XR operates and what is involved in Non Violent Direct Action . New courses are under development all the time.